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“Respect the vulnerability of the Himalayas” – says CSE Media Briefing Workshop

  • New Delhi-based research and advocacy body Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) organises day-long media briefing workshop in Dehradun on the subject of ‘Reporting on the Himalayan ecosystem: Challenges and opportunities’.

High risk

Problem: Tall buildings risky in high seismic zones; Status: Hill-stations are getting concretised and growing vertically; Challenge: Use local construction material; regulate traffic


The tourist does leave a footprint

But eco-tourism could still be people friendly

by Neelambry Phalkey and Seema Purushothaman, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment, Bengaluru

The holiday season is just over. Many of us would have encountered advertisements with words like “eco hotel” and “eco tours” to lure us to experience “nature’s lap” or “wilderness”. You might think such businesses are nature friendly. But they could turn out to be quite the contrary.

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