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Going Remote


India suffers from chronic energy poverty. Even after 65 years of independence, one-third of India's households have no access to grid power. More than a million households go dark after sunset.

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Research director: Chandra Bhushan
Lead researcher: Joel Kumar
Kushal Pal Singh Yadav, Ankur Paliwal and Sayantan Bera
ISBN: 978-81-86906-64-4
Pages: 92
Year: 2012


  • Like the rest of the country, the north eastern region is dominated by fossil fuels when it comes to electricity generation. Even with an installed capacity of 3.5 giga-watts, the fact is that there is still a shortage of 5.1 per cent of electricity for the people in this region. This figure however does not include the millions of people who do not have access to electricity in the country. 

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