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With growing urbanisation and industralisation India faces the challenge of providing clean and safe drinking water to all citizens. In the name of economic growth most rivers and streams are turning into sewers. As more and more rivers are getting polluted, the municipalities are finding it difficult to treat river water to safe levels and supply it to citizens.


Passing through five states, the Ganga covers 26 per cent of the country’s landmass. Despite the enormous amounts of money spent on cleaning it, the river continues to run polluted. Worse, the pollution is increasing even in stretches that were earlier considered clean

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The team of experts from the United Nations arrived at the Sundarbans on Monday to investigate the place of the oil spill. The government yesterday sealed the navigation route through the Sela River in


Sewage Canal: How to Clean the Yamuna

Several crore rupess have been sunk into plans to clean up the Yamuna. The authorities have been busy chasing targets to fulfill these plans. But the river remains dirty. This book analyses the strategies adopted to clean up the Yamuna, one of India's holiest and dirtiest rivers.

Down To Earth

Ganga and the environmental flow

While going up the meandering road from Tehri to the holy town Gangotri during the thick of monsoon, the Bhagirathi appeared to get uneasily quieter with each hairpin bend; until Chinyali Sor village near Dharasu, 45 km from new Tehri town.

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