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Building Sense: Sustainable Building Policies, Practices and Performance

Training programme of Centre for Science and Environment
24th -26th August, 2016

Centre for Science and Environment’s Sustainable Building and Habitat Programme is organizing “Building Sense”, a certificate course on sustainable buildings, from 24th to 26th August, 2016. The programme aims to enable participants to adopt a common sense approach to green buildings, one that blends traditional wisdom with modern science.

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Date: August 24-26, 2016

Training programme on SOCIAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT

Centre for Science and Environment recognises Social Impact Assessment (SIA) as an important tool to inform decision makers, regulators and stakeholders about the possible social and economic impacts of a development project. To be effective, SIA requires the active involvement of all concerned stakeholders. CSE has developed a five-day training programme aimed at giving practical exposure to participants on SIA with specific reference to infrastructure, mining and other industrial projects.

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Date: Aug.29-Sept. 2, 2016

District Mineral Foundation

The right of the people of the mining-affected areas to benefit from the mineral-rich lands they live on

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DISEASED: Antibiotic misuse in food-producing animals and aquaculture

Anil Agarwal Media Fellowships for journalists working in India

August-September 2016

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Date: One month – Sept. 2016


In the ongoing negotiations to amend the Montreal Protocol to phase-down the use of hydroflourocarbons (HFCs), Intellectual Property Rights of substitute chemicals—mainly unsaturated HFCs (also called HFOs) and its blends—have become a major point of difference between developed and developing countries. Developing countries have expressed major concerns on this issue as two companies hold most of the patents to these chemicals, creating a monopoly. They have, therefore, asked for clarification and resolution of IPR issues before an amendment to the Montreal Protocol is adopted.


Brief note on workshop on Cumulative Impact Assessment: Need for better assessment tool: Time to deliberate

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