EIA Training Programme : 17-18 September, 2013 | Centre for Science and Environment

EIA Training Programme : 17-18 September, 2013

List of participants    

Harish N.S
Nature Conservator Foundation
Email: harish@ncf-india.org

Rashmi Bhat
Nature Conservator Foundation
Email: rashmi@ncf-india.org

Suzlon Energy Limited
Email: thirusqo@gmail.com

Deepthi Swamy
Center for Study of Science, Technology & Policy (CSTEP)
Email: deepthi@cstep.in

Disha Agarwal
Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
Email: disha@saktifoundation.in

Dr. Usha.N.Murthy
B’lone University
Email: ushanmurthy@yahoo.co.in

Employee Raasi
Email: kowsalyavaishali@gmail.com

Sharmila Manoharan
Tamilnadu Agricultural University
Email: nmsharmi@gmail.com

Tamilnadu Agricultural University
Email: pooja.pk17@gmail.com

Tamilnadu Agricultural University
Email: jmanoranjitha@gmail.com

Tamilnadu Agricultural University, CBE, TN.
Email: eeesurya.tnau@gmail.com

Tamilnadu Agricultural University
Email: dhilippugalenthi@gmail.com

gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt. Ltd.
Email: bthamizhvanan@gamesacorp.com

M/s Gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt. Ltd.
Email: dkandapernumal@gamersacorp.com

Email: m.haridas@ilfsindia.com

Sam Chelladurai
Anekal Read Center
Email: readcenter@gmail.com





L.Preeth Licy
Renewable cogen Asia Pvt. Ltd
Email: licyakiruba@gmail.com

Ankit Narula
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
Email: ankit.narula@teri.res.in

K.S.J Technocrats
Email: kkmhajan1@hotmail.com

Gamesa Wind
Email: jbalakrishnan@gamesacorp.com

D.Krishna Kumar
Gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt. Ltd.
Email: dkrishnakumar@gamesacorp.com

M.C.Mallikarjune Gowda
Gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt. Ltd.
Email: cmallikarjungowda@gmail.com

Mohd. Saquib
Email: saquib@cstep.in

Thiagarajar College of Engineering
Email: arvind_kannan@gmail.com

Abhiram Sahasrabudhe
Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay
Email: Abhiram.s@iitb.ac.in

Shanmuga Priya.M
Sahara India Pariwar
Email: pris.phy@gmail.com

Anand M.Malak
Email: anand.malak@gmail.com, malak.wind@gmail.com

Dr. Bidyut Kumar Patra
C.E.M.C. Pvt. Ltd.
Email: ceme_consultancy@yahoo.co.in

Mr. Y.Nagarju
The Renewable and Resources Institute (TERI)
Email: nagarju@teri.res.in, ynagarju14@gmail.com

Dr. Sridar Babu M.N
The Renewable and Resources Institute (TERI)
Email: sbabumn@teri.res.in, ecomiter@gmail.com




  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi is going to organise a hands-on three-day training programme aimed at giving practical exposure to participants on EIA with specific reference to wind power projects.

    The objective of this programme is to enable stakeholders to understand the likely impacts of the project and allows them to make sound decisions during various stages of project development.

  • Date: 15-26 September, 2014

    It goes unsaid that in order to improve environmental governance, the roles of efficient and worthy Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) along with an equitable growth through proper Social Impact Assessment (SIA) are indispensable. They are not merely tools to assess possible impacts and suggest mitigation for the environmental and social issues, but processes, which if done well, can yield unexpectedly positive results in the form of sustainable and equitable growth.

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