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Internship at CSE


CSE accepts students from universities, schools and colleges all over the world, based on the applications received through post or email. CSE does not announce any special internship programme, as internships are need based, time based and duration specific. Hence, we have to cater to the individual need of the candidate or the institution concerned. 

Volunteer Benefits

The key words in maintaining enthusiasm among volunteers are: AIR 
ACTION: Providing the kind of activity Volunteers expect
INSPIRATION: Keeping Volunteers motivated by understanding what inspires them

Volunteer FAQ

There are many volunteer assignments available with CSE and we will help you find the one that matches your interests and skills the best. Scroll down to find answers to some questions you might have before you register as a volunteer with us.

Volunteering at CSE

Volunteering at CSE – the thought behind the concept

Volunteer: Our Volunteers

River Pollution Campaign
Kartikeya Singh
B.Sc, Ecology and Sustainable Development, Furman University, USA
Research on Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) of Delhi and water related stories for Down to Earth magazine


Volunteer: FAQ

There are many volunteer assignments available with CSE and you will take time to find the one that matches you the most depending on your interest and skills. Look up the following questions before you register as a volunteer with us.
What you need to know about CSE?


Volunteer: What you get

  • A chance to share your skills and teach others what you are best at.

  • Learn how a professional organization / institution functions.

  •  Achieve personal satisfaction by helping others and by doing your civic duty.Spend your leisure time constructively.
  • Develop a new relationship with an institution and make new friends. 
  • Keep yourself updated on current issues. 


Volunteer: What you can do

  • Be a part of a Programme Unit at CSE and study different issues, including Air Pollution, Water Management, Climate Change & Global Warming, Global Environmental Governance; Industry and Environment or Environmental Health in great detail.  
  • Lend a hand to CSE's survey, research and data collection efforts. 
  • Help us organize different campaigns and press releases and be a part of CSE's numerous awareness campaigns. 
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