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Automobile Sector

Automobile Sector: Rating Scorecard
Is the Indian automobile sector as environmentally conscious as best in the world?
NO! Automobile sector has fared badly. Under the project rating scale, we were to award five leaves award to the best company. But sadly no auto company deserved this honour.
Mileage: Environmental Rating of Indian Automobile Sector
In-depth Life Cycle Analysis of the environmental performance of major players in the Indian automobile sector.


  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is a leading environmental research and advocacy organization in India. For more than a decade, we are working in the field of impact assessment and capacity building of regulators, industries, consultants and other stakeholders.  Our experience says that our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) framework has not been effective and failed to meet its objective of sustainable development. We understand that Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) is the right option which shall be adopted in environmental clearance process in India.

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