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CSE's Profit Sharing Report

Centre for Science and Environment's (CSE) latest report on the Profit-sharing mechanism introduced under the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Bill, 2011.

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Proposed fuel economy standards a complete sell-out, says CSE
  • Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) releases proposed fuel economy standards for cars -- CSE lambasts them as too little too late.

  • The standards require car manufactures to do nothing until 2015 and only a marginal improvement thereafter.

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Environment is not impeding growth’: CSE responds to industry leaders’ open letter

New Delhi, October 13, 2011: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has expressed its strong disagreement with some of the contents of an ‘open letter to leaders’, written recently by India’s top industrialists. In a response to the open letter, CSE’s director general Sunita Narain has refuted the industry leaders’ contention that environmental clearances are delaying projects and hampering growth.

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System of green clearances not working for environment and people and clearances not the impediment to growth, says CSE’s new study
  • New assessment by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) finds unprecedented scale of clearances being given by the ministry of environment to industrial projects in the last five years

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CSE surveys noise pollution in Delhi

CSE does noise level survey, finds many areas in Delhi crossing the norms

  • Centre for Science and Environment’s (CSE) Pollution Monitoring Lab tracks noise levels in Delhi and finds them to be very high in some places 

  • Constant exposure to noise can have serious health implications, ranging from deafness to heart conditions to sleep disorders

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CSE slams petrol price hikes, calls for similar hikes on diesel prices

CSE slams hike in petrol prices. Says it should not be done without narrowing the price gap with diesel. Calls it “mindless”

It is leading to gross misuse of the poor persons’ fuel by rich car owners, massive revenue losses for the government, and serious damage to public health

Government should ban use of diesel in cars, increase price of diesel and tax on diesel cars

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Reform Agenda for India's Environmental Regulators

One of the key challenges faced by India today is how to maintain a high economic growth, and at the same time, ensure environmental sustainability and social justice.

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CSE’s international conference on parking reforms

Call for a parking strategy for better management that can control traffic chaos as well as dampen parking demand and car usage

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Towards Lake Conservation

7 August, 2011

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) India and Bangladesh Institute of Planners, Bangladesh (BIP) Bangladesh jointly organised a day  long workshop on lake conservation of Dhaka on August 7, 2011, The workshop was attended by researchers, activists, planners, advocates and regulators from both Bangladesh and India. The meeting was a first initiative to influence the policy debate on lakes in South Asia.

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CSE releases its new report in Ranchi

Report supports proposal to share 26 per cent net profits of mining companies with local communities

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