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CSE Press Release: Petrol price hike is 'mindless'

CSE slams petrol price hike as “mindless” as it does not narrow the price gap with diesel

  • This is leading to gross misuse of diesel by rich car owners and massive revenue losses to the government

  • The government should either ban use of diesel in cars or increase price of diesel and tax on diesel cars

Petrol pricing|Vehicle Technology and Fuel|Vehicle Technology and Fuel|Press Release
Parking: Multi-level dilemma

Lessons from Multi-Level Parking in Delhi
CSE calls for end to parking subsidies, an effective increase in parking charges, stringent enforcement and high penalties for violations.

Read full Report (pdf)

Parking Policy|Parking Pricing|Public Transport and Mobility|Story
Rs 80-crore parking facility in Sarojini Nagar draws very few cars, forces a rethink of Delhi’s parking policy: says CSE
  • CSE releases findings on parking in Sarojini Nagar and the lessons from it

  • Says without a clear strategy, expensive parking structures can neither reduce parking chaos nor parking demand

Parking Pricing|Public Transport and Mobility|Public Transport and Mobility|Press Release
Gurgaon is growing, but for how long?

CSE report on water-sewage management of Gurgaon says the city may soon be hit by the twin trauma of no water and overflowing sewage

Excreta Matters|Water Management|Water Sewage|Excreta Matters|Press Release
Watch out for what you eat. It could be killing you slowly and sweetly: says new CSE junk food and nutrition study
  • Most junk foods contain very high levels of trans fats, salts and sugar – which inevitably lead to severe ill health and diseases like obesity and diabetes
  • CSE lab tests 16 major brands of foods relished by people, particularly the young: Maggi and Top Ramen noodles, MacDonald’s foods, KFC’s fried chicken and Haldiram’s Aloo Bhujia, among others
CSE Lab Study|Health Diseases|Junk Food|Junk Food|Press Release
Green - Building Rating: Overrated

Green Rating of Buildings Taking Roots

The idea of green rating of buildings has taken roots in India.

Sustainable Buliding|Story|Sustainable Building
CSE workshop: 'Our Right of Way: Walk and Cycle'

CSE’s clean air and urban mobility team organized a workshop ‘Our Right of Way: Walk and Cycle’ in New Delhi on March 22, 2012. This discussion forum included participants from all the key organsiations, stakeholders, civil society representatives, policy makers bicycle industries, cycle clubs and regulators. All witnessed the different source of knowledge at one go from different stakeholders.

Public Transport and Mobility|Public Transport and Mobility|Story
One third of Delhi walks to work, but are our roads designed for safe walking and cycling? Latest CSE survey findings say no
  • Delhi has yet to wake up the mobility crisis. Increased use of cars is reducing people carrying capacity of roads.

  • Total walk and cycle trips are more than double the share of car trips.

Cycles|Public Transport|Public Transport and Mobility|Urban Transport|Vehicles|Public Transport and Mobility|Press Release
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