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Decentralised/Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Technologies

The centralised sewage treatment technologies have proven to be expensive, complex and are failing to cater to the total wastewater generated. The untreated/partially treated wastewater makes its way to the water body causing immense degradation of the ecosystem and the environmental health.
Need is for sustainable wastewater treatment technologies - to locally treat the sewage and also reuse/recycle. The decentralised sewage treatment can be both electro-mechanical system that have higher energy requirement or natural systems with less or no energy requirement.
CSE has reviewed and documented select case studies that present innovative, sustainable and affordable ways treating the sewage locally including reuse/recycle. The case studies comprise of the wastewater treatment systems which have been implemented at individual, community/cluster and at municipal level. The case studies documented discuss the principle, salient features, and performance indicators and provide details of individuals or agencies/institutions who have implemented the system
The cost comparison of the natural technologies listed under decentralised sustainable wastewater management practices has been presented in the table here..
Decentralised wastewater treatment system
Decentralised Wastewater Treatment System at CSE New Delhi
Aravind Eye Hospital,Pondicherry
Kachpura village in Agra
Bankers Colony as a part of Green Belt Project, Bhuj
Adarsh College, Kualgaon Badlapur
Friends of Camphill, Bangalore
Bhil Basti, Delwara, Udaipur
Constructed Wetland - Wastewater Treatment system
Constructed wetland for wastewater treatment at Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Pusa, New Delhi
Soil Biotechnology
Lovegrove pumping station, Mumbai Municipal Corporation
Naval Civilian Housing Colony, Kanjumarg, Mumbai
Vazir Sultan Tobacco (VST), Hyderabad
Soil scape filter technology
Nichrome India Ltd, Shirwal
Residential building in Pune
Ecosanitation : zero discharge toilets
Residencial building in Krishna Dham, Aligarh

Biosanitiser / Eco chip technology
Residential building at Salunke Vihar, Pune

Green Bridge technology
Ahar River, Udaipur
Nualgi technology
Madivala Lake, Bangalore
Vengayyana Kere, Bangalore

Hauz Khaz Lake, New Delhi
Kushak Drain, New Delhi
Amarnath shrine, J&K

Traditional Wastewater Re-use

Mewat district, Haryana
Phalodi, Jodhpur

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