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List of Participants

  Year Month  
  2014   August 1- 30     Details of participants  
  2013   August 1- 30     Details of participants  
  2012-13   Dec 17, 2012- Jan 5, 2013     Details of participants  
  2012   August 1 - 30     Details of participants  
      Dec 19, 2011- Jan 6, 2012     Details of participants  
  August 1 - 30     Details of participants  
  Dec. 20,2010 - Jan. 7, 2011     Details of participants  
  2010   July 12-Aug 12     Details of participants  
  2009   March 9 - 30   image   Details of participants  
  2008   March 10 - April 04     Details of participants  
  March 26 - April 20     Details of participants  



  • Date: August- October 2015

  • Centre for Science and Environment recognises Social Impact Assessment (SIA) as an important tool to inform decision makers, regulators and stakeholders about the possible social and economic impacts of a development project. To be effective, SIA requires the active involvement of all concerned stakeholders. CSE has developed a five-day training programme aimed at giving practical exposure to participants on SIA with specific reference to infrastructure, mining and other industrial projects.

  • Date: October 5-9, 2015

    The Ministry of Urban Development has acknowledged the lack of skilled man power in urban local bodies across India and has therefore developed the ‘Capacity Building Scheme for Urban Local Bodies’ (CBULB). The programme aims to enhance knowledge, skills and attitude of city officials for the mainstreaming of reforms and best management practices (BMPs) of sustainable water and wastewater management through training programmes followed with field exposure visit, seminars and workshops. 

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