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Project using CCTV cameras impactful at GPCB, but manpower shortage an issue

The Delhi Chapter of Indian Association for Air Pollution Control was held on September 23rd 2012. In the meeting, Mr. D.M. Thakar, Deputy Environment Engineer, Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) shared some successes of the Ahmedabad Air Pollution Control Plan. Amongst these, what was highly appreciated was the use of CCTV cameras for live monitoring of emissions from smoke stacks at industrial units.

The CCTV cameras are installed at industrial units across industrial clusters in Gujarat. These cameras capture images of emissions from smoke stacks at industrial units and transfer them through Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to the regional office of GPCB. The data is then accessed by the regional office using internet and live feeds of smoke stacks can be seen on a LCD-TV installed there.

 “The concept has a lot of benefit as it captures emissions from smoke stacks of all industrial units at the same time,” states Mr. A.A. Dolti, Regional Officer, GPCB, Ahmedabad.

 “The process is all set now and our staff has undertaken the monitoring process, which was initially being done by postgraduate student interns of environmental sciences. In case any unusual emission is observed, we convey the incident to the concerned industry through mobile directing them for proper action,” added Mr. Dolti.

 “Manpower shortage has always been an issue,” is asserted by Mr. A.V. Shah, Regional Officer, Bhavnagar, GPCB.

The areas of Narol, Saijpur and Ranipur are home to above 100 textile units. Most of these units are using highly polluting solid fossil fuels or wood in Boiler or Thermic Fluid Heater. A total number of 29 DVR have been installed which are connected to 57 cameras that cover 89 stacks of Boiler or Thermic Fluid Heater in 75 industries.

One of the limitations of CCTV monitoring is that it can be done only during daylight hours. But it has yielded positive outcomes by optimizing fuel consumption and reducing air pollution levels.

The project has been further extended to industrial areas such as Surat, Vatva and some industries in the city area of Ahmedabad.  In Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) Vatva and Ahmedabad city area, 14 and 4 industrial units respectively have installed CCTV cameras in their premises.   

Written by: Shikha Malik



  • Environmental issues like climate change, water availability, pollution, waste generation and disposal are commanding considerable global attention. Industries, as a major user of raw materials and energy and source of pollution and waste generation, have a major role in addressing current and emerging environmental issues.

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